The Modern Human

Cold winter night in east Texas watching the embers rise from the death of what once was a great fire that served as my company for a very brief existence in time. Serving their purpose in a unique way that one could never forget. Memorized by this strange experience, I looked further into what was beyond our comprehension.

A step into My world

Drug abuse and use are broad in differences, as one may use to explore the mind of their own conscious creation of life, and others abuse to forget said life. Many may assume that this blog is nothing more than someone justifying use, but this a new writers way of sharing the present, future, and past into exploration before my departure to L.A. for two weeks to write a novel on my experience out of a small Texas town and how I perceive the definition of my real world .

My world consists of questions of who or what I am meant to be. A living creature curious to what life has to offer and my way of taking advantage of whatever I can to better understand myself and the vast universe that collects all living lifeforms and put them in the center of experience. To anyone reading this, I am new to the blogging platform so please do not hesitate to give any critical advice for without critics, we could not grow as a community and better ourselves for the future.

Understanding information of value

Our brain works in so many different combinations that I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of receptors we didn’t fully come to some understanding of how it worked. Here is some of the information I gathered and studied to share in simpler form for our common man to understand.

This is a visual representation of how LSD connects to these receptors in the brain.

The unique concept of LSD is that it creates a flush of synthetic serotonin which is in basic definition, is synthetic happiness. Contrary to popular belief, this substance will cause you to visualize geometric patterns and; or concepts of nature such as a flower blooming. From personal experience, I saw the moon blossom as I danced into the night with my wife and fell in love as if I first met her.

This created a chain of events caused by my desire to see how amazingly different this can get and understanding how it felt so real. A sense of peacefulness that I long lurked for came to life within twelve hours of administering the drug. Magnificent was the only world I can truly describe that moment in time or whatever social construction you believe in, I will never forget that night.

The First Step

Now this is all new to me in the blogging perspective but I am excited to be apart of this community and I am aware judgment is a good thing to have around you as previously stated, helps us grow. This is the first step into sharing my life with the universe from my own deep personal conscious thoughts to the screen or paper you may be reading this off of. As I also stated before, this is my way of getting the feel of things in a writers world before my take off to L.A. to write the novel of what I experience there. This short blog is only a preview of what’s to come in the future.